« I don’t blame it all on immigration, but… »

Pour un cours sur Los Angeles (son esprit, son caractère, son histoire), je suis allé interroger des Angelinos au hasard à Union Station, la gare centrale, sur les problèmes de la ville. Quels problèmes majeurs signaleraient-ils au maire s’ils en avaient la possibilité ? Comment dépenseraient-ils un milliard de dollars pour améliorer L.A. ? Première réponse « no comment » d’une série de portraits d’inconnus.


Business woman, Senior vice-president in a health care company

What major problems would you call attention to the mayor ?

The Mayor, interesting.
Hum, he might be one of the problems, but, hum…
I would say that the city is overcrowded,
there, hum, we are overrun with a lot of
illegal immigration.
That I think does
utilize a lot of city services.
And it means that
roads are in poor condition,
schools are overcrowded,
the level of our teachers, I mean education stand point,
I believe has fallen down.
So, I think it’s a big concern.
I don’t blame it all
on immigration
but I do think that’s a large part of it.
We are overrun with…
in hospitals — I work in health care,
and we must treat everyone.
And, we do.
— that presents in emergency department for emergency care.
And we get no compensation because they have no insurance
or any means to pay anything
for their care.
Our health care system is broken,
and there’s a lot of issues that we face as Americans,
but I think it’s very acute in,
in Los Angeles and in Southern California.

How would you spend one billion dollars on the city?

I think I would try to appropriate…
I think I would use some of the money for schools
for teachers to, to…
I think they could be paid better,
and perhaps it might encourage
teachers, hum
you know, more educated people, young people
like yourself, whatever,
to become teachers,
my daughter to become a teacher…
But I think it would be also important
to spend some money on, hum
on, I think some of the old infrastructures, I think we need to have better public transportation.
We’re sitting here in Union Station, and
I take the train, I take the metro,
I live in Orange County
and it’s the only way I could work in LA.
Because the freeway is in jams
It’s gridlock.
Makes you crazy!
I think that we probably need to have, hum
more on safety, police,
and it can be also helpful.
Dunno if I spent a billion
but I’ve got to work my way through that…


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Les interviews ont été réalisées et mises en forme à la manière d’Anna Deavere Smith qui est allée à la rencontre des Angelinos après les émeutes de 1992 et en a fait une pièce de théâtre: Twilight. Los Angeles, 1992.

Crédits photo: Bouleis, 2010. Deborah à Union Station.

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